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Ella's Space

x7 Facial sponges , Natural wood facial cleansing facial sponges

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These sponges are made of wood pulp cotton, which is gentle and non-irritating. Compressed sponges are very comfortable to use and are very suitable for facial cleansing. They are easy to store making them a great traveling companion 

Perfect for removing makeup remover with the Ella's space face washes or facial cleanser, it can perfectly exfoliate, remove impurities, and give your pores a deep clean . Also can be used to remove the Ella's Space mineral mask

Comes in a pack of 7 white compression sponges, enough to satisfy your daily use. They are re-useable but we suggest after each use wash well will soap and water and ensure it is dry for the next use. Also discard after 3 uses .


A new approach to wellness...

Ella's Space range of products helps you to create a sense of harmony with your body, spirit , soul and your home ....